Domein Hellebeuk

In the hilly countryside in the south of the Netherlands, surrounded by natural beauty, serenity and freedom, the small bungalow park Domein Hellebeuk is like a fresh gem in the heart of South Limburg.

South Limburg landscape derives its charm from the many hills and high plateaus. The nicely furnished bungalows stand on a sunny southern slope of one of the hills that surround the Geuldal. Due to the large gardens with terrace and sunbathing lawn you can enjoy peace and freedom. With very beautiful valley views as many only know from postcards, Domein Hellebeuk is one of the most beautifully situated and relaxing destinations for the whole family. Domein Hellebeuk may also safely be described as a special holiday. The central location of Domain Hellebeuk in the heart of South Limburg, invites you quickly out to cycling and walking trips or a visit to the surrounding border. All park facilities such as the swimming pool, all-weather tennis court and the sports area are free accessible to you as a guest. 3 km away is the spa town of Valkenburg, a tourist town with many possibilities for relaxation.

Bungalow 26

2-4 pers. Bungalow nr. 26

2-4 pers. Bungalow nr. 28

Bungalow 29

2-4 pers. Bungalow nr. 29

2-5 pers. Bungalow nr. 30

Bungalow 27

6-8 pers. Bungalow nr. 27

Bungalow 31

8 pers. Bungalow nr. 31

Bungalow 35

10-12 pers. Bungalow nr. 35

Bungalow 52

10-12 pers. Bungalow nr. 52

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