A good preparation counts!

South Limburg is rich in successful and well-organized children and family outings.

On the site, children can make use of the outdoor swimming pool, playground and all weather tennis court. And in a radius of 15 kilometers, there is plenty of entertainment for the kids. When the children in the evening happy lying in their beds, you can sit back in peace on your private terrace and enjoy the view over the hills.


On foot we make from Domain Hellebeuk a walk to Valkenburg, where you can relax on the cozy terrace, while the children play in the playground




kasteel valkenburg



Of course, the tour can be extended with a detour to the  Castle in Valkenburg. Then let go on the cable car and toboggan and tubing  Agogo in Valkenburg and suis down. The cable car goes to 86 meters higher tower, the Wilhelmina Tower and of course the toboggan runs. High speed one slides the 375 and 325 meter long runs off. Fully automatically takes care of the tow for a climb back to the starting point. Lots of fun is guaranteed!


But before you go home, then take the first limburgs cake at  Lunchroom Botterweck in the center of Valkenburg. Or take a delicious Italian ice cream, on the road while walking.

Valkeniercobra  pretpark

Have you been in Themapark Sprookjesbos or the Europe’s cheapest amusement park de Valkenier in Valkenburg?

Sprookjesbos (1)


See the world in one day? Discover the woods and worldly gardens 25,000 m2 park  Mondo Verde in Landgraaf. This family fun park surprises its visitors 365 days a year with the exciting Dino fauna, a lively zoo and adventure attractions.

Prefer to travel along the world’s most beautiful animals?

Experience the adventurous nature all year through special expeditions at GaiaZoo in Kerkrade(Discount Voucher € 2.50 on the admission price) Here it is, after all, always jumping between the impressive menagerie. Experience the real Africa and standing eye to eye with gorillas, giraffes, rhinos and cheetahs. Visit the forest where monkeys clamber freely on the branches. Always wanted to know how much eat a gorilla and rhinoceros? The zookeepers say they loved a lot more and it’s always nice to know!

The dinosaurs of Europe’s largest indoor play area of Dino, Dino Dome of GaiaZoo in Kerkrade seem so real in Kerkrade and play a show every day make again! These dinosaurs keep the little kids boyfriends really like doing.


Or rather to  Castleparksteinerbos1 and play in the open air surrounded by the animals?

Or to an impressive play forest with several outdoor playgrounds, petting zoo and outdoor pool?

Castlepark Born and the Recreatiepark Steinerbos  called everyone welcome.

Of course these parks offer plenty of outdoor entertainment during the entire season.


Climbing difficult? Not at all! Exciting? Yes and incredibly fun along the steep walls on the colored handles to climb up. A climbing instructor at ROCCA explains how a climber must protect themselves, how the climber attaches itself to the rope and where

if one climber can climb anywhere. Each climbing route has a color and appreciation, so that everyone gravity of the route can choose. These can choose whether to 4 meters or 18 meters high Climb. Van introductory want to orienteering with compass and photos, you scour a way back to ROCCA.

Rather watch Stars? Take part in the outdoor excursions ROCCA: from star to satellite. An adventurous and cool treasure hunt through the Limburg hills GPS.De instructions and commands appear automatically on the screen of the handheld.

The integrated GPS makes sure that no one will get lost. Try to find all the hidden code boxes? Getting lost is not an issue? Then come wandering through the Labyrint Drielandenpunt in Vaals. Betting that the output of this great labyrinth final yet to find properly? But beware of the spontaneously spouting walls of water! (From Domain Hellebeuk this is a wonderful road trip through the South Limburg hills, but also on-site you will surely enjoy nature. While enjoying the walk in the woods). When opening a link with kortingsbon

The Drielandenpunt is a real child-friendly environment. There is a large, free accessible playground and picnic area behind the labyrinth. On and around the Three Borders there are many beautiful walks. Vaals and its surroundings is regarded by many as a paradise for walkers. Many of the small forest and meadow paths over which these trails lead you previously smokkelkel routes take you through the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany! You can see the monumental stone and the real border triangle look so at all times (24 hours a day free for everyone).

Of course we can in this range of outdoor activities, do not forget a short but fascinating trip on the river Maas. Taken care of by the skipper of Rederij Stiphout from Maastricht

Kano Rafting MaastrichtCanoe Rafting Maastricht Rather paddle itself, rafting or canoeing? Which can! Then book a tour at one of the renowned companies such as Kajak Maaslandand Kano en Rafting Maastricht. They provide water sports fun


Who would not want that? Nice fooling around, scrambling and climbing it can at Dagstrand Oost Maarland Outdoorkarting vaals 1or in the indoor playground Kinderstad Heerlen. Even more active? Come to Karting Vaals or Kartcenter‘All in Echt’ and make a way on the tough kart circuit. Anxious to control themselves? Then it can be seated there in a double kart. Is not well regulated?


Underground to explore the dark world? With a light is deviated to the head, the caves. The dark and cool cave tour (from 6 years) is insane, the ghost is exceptional, but also by bike discover the ancient caverns in one word amazing. The famous cave biking allowed from 12 years and older!! Grotbiken ASP, Survival Limburg and Jut&Jul producties make of each cave visit a real feast!

Also take a train ride through the underground corridors of the Gemeentegrot in Valkenburg aan de Geul. Spend an exciting visit to the Valkenburgse Kasteelruïne met Fluweelengrot where the knights have left their mark. once undertake the treasury trip, a very adventurous child tour, visit the birds of prey show and hit the road
a family treasure hunt and Wrangle the secret deBokkenrijders! Take a nice tour, with only a candle in hand, by the famous underground Roman Katakomben. And go along with the koempels (miners) in search of the black gold in the Valkenburgse Steenkolenmijn. Valkenburg is also called Mergelstad popularly, by the presence of the soft yellow marl soil indene. Since Roman times broken the marl from the ground to build. The marl was created over the centuries a corridor that nowadays is more than 250 km long. Discover the underground world, and pay a visit to the famous Christmas markets kerstmarkten in the Gemeentegrot and Fluweelengrot. Most caves in Valkenburg a / d Geul are also accessible to wheelchair users and the disabled

ZLSMNostalgic steam to the ‘Mergelstad’ Valkenburg? take place in a nostalgic steam train. Track off the Stoomtrein-maatschappij leads through the beautiful hills of Limburg. And then it’s time to play. During deKaSpeelTocht be explored in a surprising way Kasteel Hoensbroek. Hoensbroek Castle is one of the largest castles in the Netherlands. In this museum, castle, more than forty authentically decorated castle rooms are admired, dating from the Middle Ages to the 18th century.

Subtropisch zwemparadijs Mosaqua Gulpen

Rather splashes or disco swim? Come once to a spectacular water fun pool party at  Zwembad de Polfermolen or the Subtropische Zwemparadijs Mosaqua in Gulpen. Experience the excitement and drive along on the swell of the waves. And for the real daredevil there is a pitch-black slide with amazing light and laser effects in Mosaqua.

Do something completely new? Go quickly to Minli Schaatsparadijs in Landgraaf,Snowworld Landgraaf where active movement centrally on a plastic schaatsbaanvan SnowWorld Landgraaf750m2 state. In modern Sports Cafe, various healthy beverages and energetic refreshments provided for the active athlete. In this cozy ambiance skaters can relax and enjoy a well-deserved ‘Après skate.And what about summer skiing: at Snowworld in Landgraaf is possible..

Or how about the Spectacular outdoor experience at SnowWorld Landgraaf?



The new climbing park SnowWorld, you can climb to their heart’s content and scrambling. For example, in the Adventure Park, where you can use rope ladders and rope bridges from pole to pole k
limmen. Take a look at the Adventure Trail, race across the Alpine Coaster or suis along the nearly 1,000-meter Zipline down. The Outdoor Park consists of an Alpine Coaster, a Zipline, an Adventure Trail and Adventure Park. All parts adventure trail suitable for all ages, sports and leisure, but also suitable
for the professional climbing fanatics.

The climbing park is the largest park in Europe and covers an area of about 25,000 sqm. By using the natural height of the Wilhelmina mountain climbing park is still sensational.

Attach the straps for the ultimate journey of discovery!

Take a journey through history and go on an adventure through the world of science and technology in the Discovery Center Continium (discount … Kerkrade. Find answers to all the questions and go exploring. Take on a robot, experience how people in coal mines worked or zoom in to nano-level Build and launch a rocket and see how it works also in eXplorion – science center the time does not stop at the workshop one can study the sun and its sunspots. through the large telescope of eXplorion.

Something else? Come smell and taste in the Bisschopsmolen, oldest working water mill in the Netherlands with its own bakery in the heart of Maastricht, highly recommended. Here bakers prove daily that baking bread is an art. And a delicious pie can be made with love, and with the very best local produce. Teaching himself the tricks of the trade. The mill will be introduced to the craft of the miller and you can see how the ancient grain, make flour.



On Adventure in nature

Sometimes nice with your toes on twigs and stones walked through a real forest? During a trip through the Blote VoetenPark in Brunssum feet are massaged and discovered they playfully secrets of Mother Nature.

Also in the Schutterspark in Brunssum is a good place. Here you can hike, picnic or splashing in the stream. There is a petting zoo, a playground and a mini port where no license may be navigable water.

Want to play a game? That is possible at Boerengolfbaan Vrouwenheide in Ubachsberg, and a big ball and a stick with nugget (or lump club) kids traipsing through the fields. And the cows? Which will decide occasionally to take a look!

All in all, plenty to see and do with the kids !!

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