Vaals, Kerkrade, Landgraaf

Vaals written and sung abroad domestically. It is not only known for its beautiful nature, but also the town itself is well worth exploring. With its large non-Dutch-style houses and stately business premises downtown Vaals is an urban impression. Through idyllic lanes and spicy pendulum turns, you can explore the villages of Vijlen, Holset Lemiers and where the rural environment and distinctive half-timbered houses line the decor.

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Kerkrade, Landgraaf

Kerkrade has much to offer for tourists. A ride on the steam train on the “million line”, coupled with a visit to the Discovery Center Continium, is an experience for young and old. The nine hundred year old abbey Rolduc, with its impressive Romanesque church and magnificent Rococo library, is also worth a visit. And what about the Botanical Garden, with its special flora Limburg and succulents from Madagascar.

The various towns of Kerkrade, historically grown around the former mining companies are interconnected by stream valleys where woodlands, water and land give the holiday a real outdoor feeling. Park Gravenrode is formed by Anstelerbeekdal (in Kerkrade territory) and the Strijthagerbeek (Land Graaf surrounding area). This beautiful park has developed into a tourist-recreational area with international allure. The park has some great day trips located: the special GaiaZOO Kerkrade, the international Mondo Verde and Europe’s longest indoor ski slope SnowWorld. Also there is a network of bicycle and hiking trails.

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